NK Booth Saga 2016 Live-Stream

As a way to thank all the sponsors/contributors and to share my project with everyone I plan to stream from my booth at FortCon 2016. I will be using a capture card to share one of the PC builds desktop and any gaming demos being enjoyed by any BYOC and[…]


NK Booth Saga 2016 PC Builds

It’s almost time for @FortLANFW FortCon 2016, honestly I am both nervous and excited. I will be double and triple checking files, software and any needed updates for all PC builds until it’s time for me to head out on the road Wednesday evening. This time I will be arriving[…]


NK Booth Saga 2016 PC Games

I previously announced that I will be having a booth at @FortLanFW FortCon with fully functional PC builds which will also have video game demos for both BYOC and general attendees to enjoy. Today I am sharing a list of the games available so far for this purpose. Thanks to[…]


A NocturneKittie Booth Saga 2016

A few months back I announced that I will be attending FortCon 2016 which is being hosted by @FortLANFW . I have attended their last two events and really enjoyed the atmosphere and staff. I noticed that for this upcoming event there will also be vendor booths available, which led to[…]


FortCon Charity Raffle PC Build

As many of you may be aware I will be attending FortCon 2016 in June. It is by the same event coordinator from @FortLANFW (Mr. James Fislar) and it is also a food drive for the ‘Three Nails Project’. For information about this charity please see the following link: ‘Three Nails Project’[…]