About Me



My first experience building a PC was through a friend who assisted me through the build process about two years ago. I was very intimidated at first, but afterwards I realized that it is really not that complicated as long as you pay attention and do your research. My first build had an AMD Phenom CPU, Radeon GPU and a Asus motherboard in a Thermaltake case. I wanted to personalize it a bit more and during my research I found Newegg’s “How To Build a PC” series of videos by Paul on YouTube , it is now known as ‘Just Builds’. Yes, the internet can be a very valuable research and learning tool as long as you use reliable/official sources. I’m not going to lie, had quite a few trial and error moments but nevertheless have learned from them.

My very eclectic taste in regards to everything else non technology related goes  along very well with my nickname “Kittie”. Nine lives equals multiple personalities? “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours” Let’s just say I’m a very open minded person. I listen to everything from Instrumental to Hard Rock and read books occasionally (need to do so more often). I also enjoy Horror, Sci-Fi, Paranormal , Martial Arts and cartoon movies. Yes, this includes Anime and Disney movies. I’m not ashamed to admit that  sometimes I can act like a big kid, forever young.

For those of you that are not aware my mother had Breast Cancer and did not survive and I am at high risk and have to get tested yearly. So far just benign masses, but still in the back of my mind. Hence my involvement with Breast Cancer Awareness.

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